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Thank you for your interest in our Medical center in Banja Koviljaca. As a good Serbian host, I will try to introduce you to the natural wonders of this Pearl of the Podrinje Region and the numerous medical programs and services that our Center offers.
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Prim. Dr. Aleksandar Jokić, MD MSc, physiatrist - balneoclimatologist
General Manager



Children’s ward was founded on March 1st 1989 as a special ward within Specialized rehabilitation Hospital and was the first of this kind in Serbia. It is located in Villa Herzegovina where the children and their parents are accommodated and treated since the therapeutic procedures are in the same building as well.

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Acs orthokinE

Since February 2014, Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital is licensed for the application of Autologous Conditioned Serum (ORTHOKINE), which is a new health method approved by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia which helps in treating painful conditions in osteoarthritis, discus hernia and also in radiculopathy, tendon and ligament injuries.

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  • You work too much and are under constant stress? You are in need of short and comprehensive relaxation period? Now is the time to recharge your batteries with our 4-day Relax Program.


  • This weight loss program using balneotherapy is a healthy and efficient weight reduction method which, with the application of natural resources and perfectly balanced diet, gives long-term results.

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  • Indulge in one or more days of pure pleasure with our Royal All Inclusive programs and experience high-quality service, exclusive wellness treatments and unlimited consumption of food and drinks.

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