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 Banja Koviljaca, one of the most beautiful and healthful spa resorts of the Balkan Peninsula, is situated in Western Serbia, encased between the Drina River and wooded Mountain Gucevo, at an altitude of 128 meters.  It is surrounded by the wide plains of Macva and Semberija Regions and by Boranja, Cer and  Sokolske Mountains.  It is located in a region called Podrinje, which borders with the slopes of Jadar Region, moving on to the valleys of Pocerina Region and the fertile and flat region of Macva.
Abundant springs of sulphuric water, healthful mud, favorable climate, as well as numerous cultural and historical monuments are an irresistible attraction and an invitation to the development of all kinds of tourism in this area.
Directions to Banja Koviljaca (by road):

From Belgrade - take the Belgrade-Ruma highway and then the Ruma-Sabac-Loznica local road to Banja Koviljaca (145 km).

From Novi Sad - a local road leads through Ruma, Sabac and Loznica to Banja Koviljaca (143 km).

There is a railway station in Banja Koviljaca for regional trains only, running between Belgrade and Mali Zvornik.
The closest airport is in Belgrade (135 km).
The Bosnia and Herzegovina state border is at a distance of five kilometers.
Excellent roads connect Banja Koviljaca with Banja Luka and Sarajevo.