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Medical rehabilitation, treatment and prevention programs are conducted in Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital - Banja Koviljaca, and those are performed through the following therapeutic procedures:


Bathing in sulphuric thermo-mineral water, in bathtubs or swimming pools or partial baths
Vaginal spraying using sulphuric thermo-mineral water
Peloido-therapy in the form of mud wraps
High and low frequency electromagnetic therapy
Laser therapy
All kinds of electro therapies
Vacuum therapy
Horizontal therapy
Sono therapy
Manual, vibro and underwater massage
Different kinds of special manual massage

(e.g. reflexology foot massage, manual lymphatic drainage, shiatsu massage)
Paraffin therapy
Different kinds of photo therapy
Hydro therapy
Hydro kinesis therapy
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy


It is possible to use our out-of-standard therapeutic procedures in addition to the therapies that are included in a treatment day